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Please be teached

Please be teached

In my country, the standard of English has been scrutinized, criticized and satirized by anyone and everyone who has some knowledge of the language. And in recent years, it has become something of a household factor that pageant organizers harp endlessly on, because nobody wants the world to think that Malaysians, or their pageant representatives, still speak gibberish (or live in trees).

So imagine my simultaneous surprise, horror and mirth when I saw this:

Yes, Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 Kimberley Leggett has teached for Malaysia.

Teached for Malaysia.


Dear Miss Universe Malaysia, if you would be so kind, please drown yourself now. Immediately. If not sooner. You are clearly not as relevant as you would like to think you are, because it is excruciatingly and hilariously obvious that, despite your big dreams, aspirations and contentions, you have not, in fact, been teached.

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This has since been submitted to and published here. It was too good not to submit and the Tyra GIF just kills it.