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Cruel to be kind

I must be cruel only to be kind.
Thus bad begins and worse remains behind.

– William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 3 Scene 4 –

019: Hey u…how are u? Bz at work? I’m just leaving my office…have u had dinner?
Me: Who is this?
019: ****…. 🙁
Me: Oh ok. Sorry. I’m all right. Having dinner now
019: Ok…maybe next time then
Me: No offense, but I’m afraid there will not be a next time
019: I will try whenever I think of u anyway
Me: Don’t waste your time with the random, reason-less texts and insincere niceties. You’re the last link to a bridge that I’ve been burning and it would be safer to keep it that way

It is selfish and harsh, but make no mistake, I will do it without thinking twice if it will save you from me and save me from the past.

2011: Subito


[ih-pif-uh-nee] /ɪˈpɪfəni/

–noun, plural -nies.

a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.

I don’t know how it came to me, or even when it came to me. I certainly never expected it to come to me this soon, but it was exactly the answer I’ve been looking for. And when it came, it was the swiftest and clearest flash of realization that I have ever had — which is saying a lot because I am known for my indecisiveness and ambivalence when it comes to life decisions.

I never knew what the root cause of the problem was. I used to think it was the place, the environment, the people, maybe even the politics. But then it dawned on me: it’s the very nature of what I do, of what is behind all the things I never had patience or respect for that I’ve never liked, and that has had me questioning everything around me.

And now that it has hit me, now that I know in my very bones that I really do not want to do this anymore, to continue this demeaning, unrewarding and unfulfilling way of life that I’ve done for the last few years, the heaviest anchor could not stop me from forcing my way out of it. I’ve spent too much of my life doing what people thought was right for someone like me, and it has gotten me nowhere, and I am truly, finally done with it.

This was my epiphany, and I think it is proof of what they say: there is a time for everything, and for possibly the first time in my life, I know that that time is now.


Gun, meet altar

Last night I saw on Twitter that Kim Kardashian is finally engaged. Not finally because she had been dating Kris Humphries long enough to not even bother thinking about marriage anymore, but finally because she had been dying to get married since the days of one Reggie Bush. This violent desire, further fueled by her sister Khloé’s wedding back in 2009 and her other sister Kourtney’s gun-jumping journey into motherhood, was finally put to rest by a 20.5-carat weapon and some shredded roses.

Vulgar, just the way she likes it

I have nothing (much) against Kim Kardashian. I think she is immensely good-looking and is fat and skinny in all the right places, if just a bit vertically-challenged. I think she has done extremely well in marketing herself and her family as a single, cohesive (and vaguely tacky) brand. And I think she is one of those few women who can channel the stupid, hopeless romantic and still get away with it, because people tend to forget most things just by looking at her face (or other body parts).

But because I have lost all track of time since this year started, it never dawned on me just how long she had been seeing Kris Humphries until the engagement announcement unleashed itself upon the world. And until said announcement raped everyone’s Twitter timelines, I never realized just how not long she had been with him compared to how long she stayed with Reggie Bush: five (5/FIVE!) months.

I suppose by Kardashian standards that can be considered long. After all, Khloé married Lamar Odom quickly enough to dissolve any memories of her dating him at all. But my grasp on how some people are able to tell practically on the spot that they want to spend the rest of their living moments with someone is similar to my grasp on how women can be so stupid as to waste money on as many as three wedding receptions: absolutely nonexistent. Dating appears to have become overrated, so the traditional (and in many cases, prerequisite) period of at least 2 years of dating has been cast aside in exchange for a period of, say, four (4/FOUR!) months. These days, it feels as though women (and even men) are all on a giant race to the altar — and to see who can pull off the most tasteless, ostentatious wedding.

Even if it is their third marriage.

So good luck to you, Kimmy. May you be the second (your sister being the first) person I’ve heard of to have a lasting marriage that came off a barely-there relationship. If nothing else, you could take out a few eyes with that diamond of yours.