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One foot out

“It is finished!” – (John 19:30)

At last.

At long last.

I have done it.

I have finally summoned all the strength, all the courage, and all that is left of my faith to do it.

Thank You.

Thank You for pushing me so hard, for whispering in my ear time and time again that this is what I need to do, for giving me that final kick in the pants that told me it was now or never.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done.


2011: Overture

A little past midnight on New Year’s Day, Becca said to me, “You know, they say 2011 is supposed to be a bad year for the Rats *.”

My immediate — and horrified — response was, “So you mean our bad luck will just roll over from last year into this one?”

Now that more than half the first quarter of 2011 has whizzed by, I’m taking a moment to just step back and survey the damage that is 2011 thus far, and it doesn’t look very pretty. In just 55 days, I have:

  1. lost the last bit of love (if any) that I had for this job;
  2. lost two friends to a lesson that taught me that a job is just a job and should never involve any emotional attachment;
  3. lost a piece of my right big toe to a stationary escalator, thus resulting in a gaping hole that can’t seem to heal properly because I can’t NOT walk on it; and
  4. lost my BlackBerry 9700, as well as the keys to my car and parents’ house, all in one night and in one place.

On the bright side, in just 55 days, I have:

  1. acquired two new tattoos, bringing the tally to 9 so far (although I’m already itching to get two more);
  2. acquired a new house, as my parents’ way of ensuring that I will not have to live with any future in-laws nor with them in their new house in Klang;
  3. acquired new plans for my professional life that I hope will eventually lift me out of employment altogether, but before that…
  4. acquired A NEW JOB!

So that’s 4 against 4; even, but not quite, somehow. Given that all this has happened so early in the year, I daresay it’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the year pans out, especially as far as work and my new house are concerned.

* People born in the Year of the Rat, according to the Chinese zodiac cycle

Out, damn’d spot!

It won’t go away. It just won’t go away. No matter how much I try to block it out, no matter how hard I try to ignore it, it just refuses to go away.

Izzie: You’re my penis fish.
George: Your what?
Izzie: You’ve crawled in and latched on and now I can’t move or talk or think or even pee without the nagging feeling that something is eating through my organs.
George: You don’t even have a penis. How am I the fish?
Izzie: It’s a metaphor, George.

Grey’s Anatomy

[Orginally published: January 20, 2008]