2011: Al fine

It was the year…

… that I put very serious thought into leaving my first job.

… that I lost two friends at said job, which gave me the real kick in the pants I needed to just up and look for a new one (job, not friends).

… that I realized what I needed was not a new job at a new company, but a new career altogether.

… that I made it nine.

… that I finally got the balls to do what I’ve always wanted: write for a magazine.

… that I  could say, “It wasn’t my fault.”

… that I was able to reunite with a very dear friend from my old life.

… that I grew out of my childhood home, and moved into my own place, at the great generosity of my parents (it may seem tacky to put it out there, but I never forget how I actually got this house to begin with).

… that I reached a new milestone in my relationship.

… that I decided which friends were worth keeping in my life, and which I needed to stop making an effort for because they just weren’t worth it.

… that I started learning to let go.

… that I became a cat person.

… that I received — and declined — the highest number of wedding invitations to date.

… that I was asked the dreaded and hated “When are you getting married?” the most number of times in my life.

… that I was made more aware than ever of the realities of my age.

… that I got robbed in broad daylight.

All in all, it was probably one of the rockiest years I’ve ever had. So much loss, so much gain, and so much left up in the air.

Here’s hoping 2012 will bring some of it back down to the ground.


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