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Running for my life

As recently as last night, I was ready to bail. I figured the RM50 registration fee really wasn’t that big a deal, and I was terrified of making a complete fool of myself, not having done something like this in quite a while. But in the end I did it anyway, clocking in an estimated 1 hour and 20 minutes, which was 10 minutes longer than I would have liked, but I suppose I couldn’t expect much more from my first long-distance run back in this country

Yes, I ran the Standard Chartered KL Marathon — all 10KM of it — and emerged in one piece (although my knees and ankles feel a bit shattered).


Fortunately the weather was really very decent — cloudy and quite cool — and despite the masses I was running amidst, I was able to spot Sophia with her pink iPod, running at a steady pace for all she was worth. I managed to meet up with Chad, Jon and Yuchun after too, as well as one of Sophia’s colleagues, whom I went to high school with and knew as Wei Yi, although she now goes by the name Sherelyn (Chinese people and their affinity for self-bestowed Western names will always be a source of amusement for me).

All in all, not a bad run, considering I was running up hill and down dale, praying my ankles wouldn’t give out and I wouldn’t expire in a heap — or worse, collapse into someone — at the finish line. Running this race reminded me of why I used to do it twice a year: the energy, the motivation airborne amongst the runners, the feel of accomplishing something, and the knowledge that however insignificant, everyone there was running for a cause.

So today, I ran for Michael Jackson, God rest his soul, and all the misunderstood people who were shunned by an individuallistically-challenged society for being what they were: different.

scklm 002

Of course, this also means I will be semi-paralyzed from the waist down and will therefore not be going to the gym for the next week.

The Passing of a King

Michael Jackson (1958 — 2009)

The Peter Pan who had to go before he got a chance to grow up

I don’t remember the first time I heard his music. I don’t remember the first time I watched one of his videos. All I remember is that I spent my life completely entranced by his music, fascinated by his dancing, and terribly sorry for his very publicly troubled life. And I remember laughing at my brother who, when he was as young as five, stole our mother’s surgical gloves and walked around with one on, insisting that the maid feed him at mealtimes so that he wouldn’t dirty the glove.

For all the drama and the controversy that surrounded his life, nothing can take away the fact that he was the most consummate entertainer in the business, and he was the driving force behind everything that made pop music what it is today.

Be in peace, Michael. You truly are the King.

michael jackson

For the Big Man in Town

Something Eza and I found at Memory Lane Pavilion today, which we plan to give to our Group Managing Director when he leaves on June 30:

barrett 001

barrett 002