Monthly Archives: April 2009

When thunder and lightning strike


My best friend has just hauled herself out of a sort-of-but-not-quite relationship with a man who was completely the wrong choice for her in all circumstances. As much of a relief as it is for her to be out of this situation that was only ever going to spiral downwards, it has also put her in a bit of a slump, because, as she admitted herself, it was a shame that it had to end with this particular man, however bad he was for her, and she is once again manless.

Why is it that we can never go for the things that are good for us, and make decisions that could ultimately benefit us in some way? It appears that our capacity for taking things for granted is so great that we end up throwing away the good things, choosing instead to either live a life of selfish, irresponsible complacency or go straight for the things that make us (temporarily) happy, but ultimately take away our faith, our hope, everything we once believed in.

We live by the creed that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, that no matter how many times we ruin things for ourselves, there will always be that chance to learn from our mistakes — to run towards the light, so to speak. So we continue to dance around in the dark, doing exactly as we like without caring too much about anything or anyone else, and waiting for thunder and lightning to strike as a sign that it’s time to get a move on actually begin to care. And when thunder and lightning strike, and we decide to stop dancing and look around for that elusive light, we realize that it had been put out a long time ago.

So we are, it would seem, innately self-destructive people. Or maybe it’s just Becca and me.

Progress is as progress does

“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

This weekend I was able to:

  1. Meet some of my primary school friends and rekindle a friendship with one of them.
  2. Discover a new hangout in Bangsar, thanks to said primary school friends.
  3. Procure a new form of distraction, again thanks to said primary school friends.
  4. Meet up with the girls, who have all been hankering for a real get-together since Bridezilla Weekend, so this one will last at least a month or so.
  5. Gain new perspective on certain things, which now has me wondering if there should be a slight rearranging of priorities.
  6. Rebuild my alcohol tolerance after my 46-day abstinence; if two consecutive nights of gin, vodka and tequila didn’t do it, then I’m a lost cause.
  7. Think about it — and you — without feeling the need to throw things.

Not bad after several weeks of laying low.

A life for a life

A month ago I decided to put my money to good use by sponsoring a child through the World Vision program, figuring that since I seem incapable of putting my own life right, I can at least try and make someone else’s life better. And I just got my child’s details in the mail! 🙂

Awelani Patience Mufamadi, aged 7
from Thusalushaka, South Africa