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As __________ a time as any

Is there really a time and place for everything? For doing what we want to do, going where we want to go, saying what we want to say? And which is the most fragile of all: the words, the action, or the place? Lately it seems as though saying what we want to say relies the most heavily on this adage, because saying it not only directly affects us, but the people we say it to, and the fifty-percent chance of saying it at the wrong time and/or in the wrong place could change everything, and not necessarily for the better.

So if we have decided when the right time and place would be to say something, but something happens along the way and throws everything into a different light, what do we do? Do we hold our tongues and cling to our resolution to follow through with our initial plans, or seize an opportunity, however wrong it may seem, to get it out of our system? Following Plan A might just turn out the way we had intended it to, but we don’t know when, or even if, we would be able to carry it out; Plan B might help us get it over with sooner, but it could reflect — and possibly badly — upon the event(s) that led to having a Plan B in the first place. And then there’s the even more daunting problem of what the outcome of either plan could be, as there’s that fifty-percent chance of having it blow up in our faces. So then one might see fit to argue that if we know there’s a possibility of slinking into bed in mortification anyway, regardless of which plan we follow, why not just throw caution to the wind and say it?

Is there a Plan C?

Gale-force winds

The doors can stay open for days at a time, and then, just as suddenly as they’re flung open, they’re slammed shut again, going whichever way the wind blows, and going against whichever side the boundaries fall.

And once again, I’m standing on the outside, shut out of a world I could barely set foot in in the first place. To have come so dangerously close to breaking, and just like that, to be made to keep it all in.

Going back to the dream


Had received it from a member of the audience who had flown all the way from Québec to New York for the show. When he returned to Québec he had Googled the concert and found this blog, after which he contacted me to ask about the experience. Have not spoken to him in a while, but apparently this very avid fan surfs YouTube religiously to look for new videos and was nice enough to send this to me. And from the looks of this one, it might have been professionally recorded, which completely counters what the choir was led to believe about it not having been recorded at all. Hopefully more will appear soon.

The visible choir members are from Professor Rosenbaum‘s New York Virtuoso and Canticum Novum Singers. The University at Buffalo Choir was, quite literally, in the dark.