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One chapter closed

One chapter closed

Earlier this afternoon Oscar asked, “Why don’t you just stay on for the rest of your grace period?”

Why not, indeed?

Because I never took into account the possibility of getting attached to the people that I’ve met and the friends that I’ve made in Boston. Because I always thought that I’d just come here, do what I had to do and then move on. Because dear knows I never imagined that having my life revolve around the same place and the same people for four relentless weeks would make me want to stay on here as long as I can.

Gabriela, Elspeth and Flora: There are no words to say how grateful I am that I met all of you, how grateful I am for the circumstances that gave us the bond we have now. There are no words to say how much I appreciate what we’ve gone through in the past month, and how much I look forward to what we’re about to experience with what we’ve learned. This is definitely not the end of it.

Sheena: Thank you for taking care of me and supporting me when I needed it the most. Thank you for understanding where I was coming from and not judging me for it. Thank you for taking some of the cynicism out of me and helping me believe that I really could do this.

Cora (-san): HOLLAAAAA!!! I’m so glad I met you and was able to have you as a friend as well as a teacher and mentor. Thank you for letting me be myself even while I was a teacher, and for recognizing that Asians don’t cry in public. – Love, Poo-chan

Oscar: My New York homeboy! I’m so glad I met you, even though I didn’t really know you until this past weekend, and I’m only sorry that we never got a chance to hang out before that. Thanks for being there the one time that I couldn’t make it to a bathroom to cry.

Boston. Just like that, it’s over.

The belated epiphany

The belated epiphany
Better late than never

It happened during the walk to BAE yesterday morning. It might have been because of the thought of this being the last week of the TEFL program, and getting certified today. Or it might have been because of the impending return to Buffalo next Tuesday, and how fast time has gone by. Whatever the cause, it was completely unexpected, and yet quite unsurprising. Out of nowhere, the thought came to me: “I can’t wait to go home.”

Yes, I dreaded going home because the thought of being with my family was — and still is — inconceivable, but now I know it really doesn’t matter. Because like it or not, they’re my family, and come hell or high water I will deal with them just like I dealt with all my other problems. And now that the TEFL program is over, and I know there’s nothing left for me in this country, I’m ready to fly hell for leather out of here and actually do something with what I’ve gotten out of my time in the program, even if it means doing it back home.

I’ve finally learned how to let go.

Out of TEFL Town

Out of TEFL Town

“Hollaaaa Poo-chan!” – Cora