Monthly Archives: November 2006

An opportunity arises

Just learned today that am not required to audition for the choir that’s going to Radio City Music Hall in February! So am definitely going for the Ennio Morricone concert on February 3, so will just have to train the new Soprano 1 for the Pitches and let them fend for themselves when it comes time for the ICCA Quarterfinals. Unfortunately, the very same concert at the United Nations on February 2 will not involve the UB Choir, as it’s scheduled for the exact same time as the Radio City dress rehearsal. Will not, obviously, be travelling down to Manhattan with the rest of the choir, as it would be about an 8-hour bus ride, and am not going to be housed with members of Professor Rosenbaum’s Westchester Oratorio Society again, so am going to fly down there and stay in own hotel room.

Will have to be at the Pitches table in the Student Union tomorrow at 1PM, and pass out flyers with a great big fake smile to people who don’t even know what acappella music is (ignoramuses in question being, not surprisingly, Malaysians). Fortunately, the gig at the ghetto Southside Buffalo school on Friday has been cancelled, so will not have to trundle all the way downtown in forecasted rain/snow/sleet. Although must really get the poor car serviced before toiling it down to Binghamton on Saturday.

Some things never change

Sometimes when you feel like you’re in an emotional hole so deep you need a fireman to get you out, the tiniest thing happens and that’s enough to yank you out of your funk. And when you’re terrified that you’ll break down, that tiny thing is enough to put back all the stops and prevent all the tears.

All that can be said right now is that the two of you fucking deserve each other.

Ain’t no headlights on the road tonight
Ain’t nobody here to make it right
‘Cause we couldn’t seem to find a way for love to stay
If you had another night too give
I would have another night to live
But you’re never gonna see me cry the last goodbye

Atomic Kitten, Last Goodbye

Getting there

Had Pitches rehearsal for the first time after Thanksgiving break. Was extremely annoying throughout because Saralin and Melissa would not stop fooling around, and was this close to bellowing at them to just shut the fuck up. Also, a new girl has been chosen to take over as Soprano 1 as of next semester, so she was there today to watch the rehearsal and learn some songs. The next twelve days with them are clearly going to be a living Hell. Will be opening tables in the Student Union again this Wednesday and Thursday, and the next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, to promote the concert and the new CD, which — praise God — will finally be out by the end of the week. Su Yen will be coming along to Binghamton on Saturday, thank God; will not have to drive back home alone in the middle of the night, and will be able to detach from all the insanity that is the Pitches.

Am graduating in less than two weeks. The Choir concert is on December 7, after which will have nothing left to do for school, so that would technically be the last day of classes for self. After that will have to scrape together a job somehow, with all the resources and feminine wiles that am able to muster up. Hopefully, by some great good fortune, will be able to procure a job in time to catch the upcoming H1 application window in April, or am doomed to wait for the next one which will be in 2008. Either that, or will just have to turn tricks.