Monthly Archives: August 2006

My way

That’s how things will go now, make no mistake about it.

The fire that was once there is now no longer
The brightness went away, and embers it became
The warmth that was once there has since grown colder
And it hurts to know that I have only myself to blame

All together again

Had first Royal Pitches meeting today, at Maddi’s apartment in Hadley Village. It was good to see some of them again, especially Maddi, Shannyn and Saralin. As awful as it may sound, some of the Pitches have already started grating on every last nerve. On extremely short notice, the Pitches — along with the Chips — will be singing at the Welcome Back Weekend Concert this Saturday in the Student Union Theater. So now there’s a mad rush to get seven songs together and work them out before Saturday. Hopefully there will be more gigs this semester, and more publicity, unlike the fiasco with MASA Night which ended in only six Malaysians come for the Winter Concert. Then there will be the ordeal of auditions again later in September, and am not in the least looking forward to them. The only bright spot is that only one new soprano is needed — two at the most — so will not have to endure so many new girls again like last semester.

Bravo indeed

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” — William Shakespeare, Hamlet

It’s unbelievably ingenious. So much so that I’m ashamed I didn’t think of it myself earlier.

Fortunately, I just did.

You don’t need to stick your finger into the pie to be able to taste it.

Bravo, cheri. Tu es le meilleur.

If something seems to good to be true, it probably is. At least where I’m concerned.

I really thought the tide had turned. I should have known better.