Monthly Archives: May 2006

I drove a U-Haul!

Have finally moved entire life out of Princeton and into Copley. Moved the desk, bed, dresser and bookcase today, and threw out a lot of old furniture too. Had to rent a U-Haul to move all the heavy stuff, and now I can finally say I’ve driven a U-Haul!

Moving was exhausting and a tiny bit emotional. Would never, ever have managed it without the mans , who must have felt like hitting me over the past week. He enlisted little Kenny’s help too, which helped a lot because they did all the heavy lifting while I stood by and felt like a fool. Did not help either that it was 549°F out today and bloody humid; was strongly reminded of bloody Malaysia.

Have pretty much arranged everything in the bedroom, most of which was done by the mans. Have also organized the kitchen and bathroom, and now have to organize the living room. Bought some new and used furniture, and the mans helped to put everything together.

Tomorrow the cleaners are going to the old house to clean the kitchen and bathroom, and after that will have the move-out inspection, and then it’s au revoir Princeton!

My first summer in Buffalo

It really is my first summer here, because the last two summers were spent sniping and griping in the sweltering heat on the other side of the world.

Is extremely hot right now, although more bearable in Buffalo, and therefore have no desire to do anything except take a cold shower. It’s supposed to get even hotter in the next few days, which will not help as will have to move the last of belongings in the sweltering heat.

Went to watch X-Men 3: The Last Stand yesterday with the mans. It’s a good movie, but rather sad, as there are three people who die throughout the movie. Am once again deathly jealous of Halle Berry. Then went downtown with Su Yen, Anja, Neesh and Nithya last night, which was pretty fun. Had wanted to go to Level, but Neesh is not 21 yet, so had to go to Sub Zero, which was all right except that it was too crowded and hot.

Will be moving the last of the little things today, then am going to the Salvation Army with the mans to drop off a load of stuff. Half of belongings are in Copley now, so have only a bit left to move today and tomorrow, then will finally move the desk, bed, bookcase and dresser in a U-Haul on Tuesday. Then will get the apartment cleaned on Wednesday, and after the move-out inspection, that will be that.


Has been relatively productive week. Have packed up a lot of things in the house, and have moved about a quarter of belongings to Copley. Yesterday the mans took apart the bed frame, which will not be using anymore, so am now just sleeping on the mattress on the floor, which doesn’t matter really. The bedroom is now half empty, which looks really weird because it hasn’t looked like this in nearly two years.

Cannot wait to be out of this place. Will keep moving things bit by bit this week, and on May 30 will be moving the desk, mattress, bookshelf, dresser and other big pieces of furniture, and hopefully that’ll be the last of it. Have gotten cleaners to come and clean out the apartment on May 31, and after that just need to turn in the keys and be out of here!

Had first summer class yesterday. It was excruciating to sit there from 6:30PM to 9PM, but thankfully the PhD student teaching it has a sense of humor, which makes it more bearable. Have also got to start working with COM489 TA Ben on his research, which counts as Independent Study. It’s not a very fun summer so far.